I have been an elite athlete for 15 years and throughout my career sport has given me immeasurable opportunities. It’s always been important to me to give back, be a good
role model to younger athletes and to inspire people.

In keeping with that, I am introducing Havok Ambassadors. Please see below for details and the link to the
application form. 


I will be selecting Ambassadors for a period of six months (this period may be extended if both parties are in agreeance). As a Havok Ambassador, you will not only represent my activewear label, but my personal values.

Applications are open to:

  • Girls/women of all ages who fit my current size range (check the sizing chart if you’re unsure)
  • Girls/women who are reasonably active on social media (must have a public profile)
  • Girls/women who engage in regular physical activity or organised sport

As an Ambassador, you will: 

  • Receive a minimum of eight Havok Athletic products during the six month period
  • Provide one Instagram post per month during the six month period
  • Provide two Instagram stories per month during the six month period
  • Demonstrate that you are training hard and working towards your goals
  • Allow Havok Athletic to use your image and a short bio for promotion on Instagram

Click here to fill in the Application Form