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 We have some incredibly inspiring ambassadors! Check out their bios below to get to know our team!



Alex has been powerlifting for just over a year, achieving great results in her first competition and she has been hitting PB's in training. She's currently working hard towards her goals in squat, bench and deadlift.

Alex has suffered with anxiety and depression for almost ten years and although each day can be a struggle, powerlifting has had a positive impact on Alex's mental health and provided a support network within her gym community. 

Alex also gives back to her community by mentoring a 14 year old girl. She is kind, hard working and resilient and displays strength of mind, strength of body and strength of character. Alex is an inspirational addition to the Havok family!




Sport plays a big part in Dannielle's life. Along with playing hockey competitively for many, many years, she took up powerlifting 2.5 years ago and has also been training for a mini triathlon. She's currently working towards strength based goals including a 150kg deadlift, a pull up, pistol squat and handstand push up. 
Dannielle's a busy mum juggling two young kids, working and training. Her dedication to training is evident in her 4:15am wake up for early morning sessions. 
Dannielle is extremely community minded, volunteering at her hockey club and at her children's AFL and BMX clubs. She also gives her time fundraising for the local Cancer Carers Association and for her children's school. Dannielle is a sporty super-mum and displays strength of mind, strength of body and strength of character. We're glad to have her on board! 




Emma has been an athlete from a young age and represented QLD in futsal at national carnivals for 9 years. She was also a member of the U/16 Australian Futsal Team in 2004. Emma is a combat systems operator in the navy and played for the navy soccer team for 7 years. She was a member of the Australian Defence Force Soccer Team that toured the UK in 2014.
Throughout her sporting career, Emma has overcome a number of knee injuries including 2 knee reconstructions. Following her 2nd knee reconstruction, Emma made the difficult decision to not return to soccer due to the frequency of her knee injuries and made the switch to CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.
Emma has been in CrossFit for 1.5 years and has competed in team CrossFit competitions including Allstar Alliance QLD where she and her team placed 3rd. She's currently training for the CrossFit Open 2021 and is keen for CrossFit competitions to start up again post-Covid. Emma is accomplished and driven and displays strength of mind, strength of body and strength of character. Follow her for lots of training inspiration!