Our youngest Ambassador Hayley is from QLD and she's a 12 year old gymnast. She's been doing gymnastics for 2.5 years and trains in the levels program at Splitz Gym. Hayley came 4th overall in a Level 3 competition after only a year in the sport! She has also attended the Beam Queen bootcamp in Melbourne. Hayley is currently working super hard to build and maintain her strength and is working towards achieving the skills she needs to compete in Level 5.

Hayley is a great role model for young athletes and shows both physical and mental strength in overcoming her hurdles. She strives to achieve her goals and faces her fears in gymnastics by accepting that each challenge will make her stronger and bring her one step closer to achieving the goals she is working towards. Hayley never lets a challenge stop her and I love her positive attitude and determination!

Outside of gymnastics Hayley has helped her family run a junior Rugby League Club where she helped out serving and stocking the canteen as well as setting up and packing away.

Hayley's first competition of the season will be 18th-19th at Delta Gym and she also has a PAD testing day on February 29th.