Rosie is 14 years old from Tasmania and she does both weightlifting and CrossFit. Rosie won a Silver medal at her first U15 Weightlifting Nationals in the 45kg category where she hit 2 PB's and she also competed RX 14-15 teen division in the 2020 CrossFit Open.

Rosie's goal is to compete at U15 Weightlifting Nationals again this year and achieve her qualifying total for U17. She's also working towards a body weight clean and jerk!

Rosie is no stranger to the ups and downs of sport and overcoming obstacles. Not only does she never give up when it comes to training and competition, but she also demonstrates strength gained through challenge and adversity. Rosie is extremely passionate about both her sports and being fit and healthy. She has a killer work ethic and is incredibly driven and motivated!

Not only does she train hard, but Rosie also encourages other members of her gym during workouts and she was a judge for the CrossFit Open 2020 at her gym.  

Rosie will be competing in the Cub Games (an online CrossFit competition for 7-15 year olds) in February and her first weightlifting competition of the season in March.